Little fake Bruce Lee

I live next to Yoyogi park, the biggest park in Tokyo and also the funniest. It’s always full of “weird” people doing “weird” things, like for example me and Danny. Lately the is one guy who is every Sunday training with nunchakus, he is pretty good:

Talked with him and explained me and my friends that his hero is “Bruce Lee” and he wants to be as good as him, he really meant it πŸ™‚



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Hes really good! It takes skill to wield nunchucks like that without having your eye (or glasses) out!

But wow, you live near Yoyogi park? Thats seriously my favourite place in the world! So amazing there on a sunday – love the bands and the atmosphere chilling in the park drinking some asahi and eating yakitori in the park. I wish i could magic myself there every sunday!

How about a post a-la dannychoo about where you live and how expensive it is? Id love to live in Tokyo one day, but i hear its insanely expensive, and folks dont like renting places to gaijin.

wow amazing hes really good im impressed and also why dont people like renting places to gaijin ?

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