Star Wars at Nebuta festival

The promotion of the new Star Wars in Japan is taking really interesting initiatives. Last weekend Star Wars characters participated at the Nebuta matsuri (traditional festival). It is one of the most important festivals in Japan and it is celebrated every summer in Aomori.

“Nebuta” are the illuminated warriors that cross the streets riding chariots surrounded by locals dancing. The dancers follow the rhythm of the traditional music calle rasserā.

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Sharing A Drink With Your Virtual Girlfriend Using Oculus Rift

An otaku nicknamed Negipoyoshi has coded a simulator that you can use to share a drink with Hatsune Miku, a Japanese virtual idol that will pretend to be your “real” girlfriend.

To achieve this feat, Negipoyoshi has used version 2 of the Oculus Rift Development Kit. This is just another example of how the real and the virtual world are starting to converge. It is difficult to explain with words, better see the images and watch the video below.


Oculus Rift girlfriend

Source: Rocket news


Patlabor in Kichijoji

Yesterday an 8-meter Patlabor mech appeared right in the middle of Kichijoji. It was part of the marketing campaign to promote the new Patlabor Next Generation.

Patlabor mech

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