Lowest CEO compensation

Japanese CEO compensation is the lowest in rich countries:


Even though Japan is having tons of problems lately, it is still one of the countries with less inequality of wealth distribution in the world. My feeling, when I compare with what I know about Spain (My home country), is that the lowest salaries in Japan are higher than the lowest salaries in Spain. Also the middle-management positions earn more money here in Japan than in Europe. But when it comes to top-management, company owners, members of the board etc in Europe they earn much more than here in Japan. So, the people on the top in Japan earn a little bit less, and the people on the bottom earn a little bit more.

If you take a look at the FORBES lists there are almost no Japanese billionaires. On the other hand, in Japan, more than 1% of the population has a net worth of more than 1 million USD. There are not many mega-rich people in Japan, but there are lots of people with good money.

Chart found at Investorsconundrum.

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