Miri Hanai

After the idol DVD release experience where I only had one minute to take pictures the next step was a full idol photo session I went this weekend. Once again, Danny easily convinced me to go, this time the name of the girl was Miri Hanai (花井美理). I didn’t know her, but it seems she is pretty famous in the idol world. It’s been only four years since she started her career but she has already been in more than 20 DVDs, she was the model for Metal Gear Solid 3 posters and she appeared in a Nike CM.

Danny likes Miri Hanai, so he spent lots of time taking zillions of pictures from different perspectives. I preferred the other girl who was also in the same photo session, you will have to wait to see her pictures until next week. Let’s see what I managed to take using my new Nikon D40:

miri mirihanai hanai idol girl japanesegirl japaneseidol gravure

Danny concentrated taking juicy pictures for his readers.

This time we had plenty of time, the mood was relaxed, there were many photography otakus and I had time to learn photography techniques. For example, I learned the importance of white balance, you need to setup it correctly if you want the skin color to look natural.

miri mirihanai hanai idol girl japanesegirl japaneseidol gravure

White balance setup time.

miri mirihanai hanai idol girl japanesegirl japaneseidol gravure

This is the girl I liked, you will have lots of pics next week.

If you like Miri you can continue with: video 1, video 2, video 3 and her blog.

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