No fear of robbers

One of the things I love about Japan is how secure I feel. Here I don’t have to worry too much about being robbed. For example, look at this video, it is amazing how people leave their staff in their bicycles when they go inside the shops.

Look, this guy left his bicycle parked with a new PS3 on it!

Picture by Flapy

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countless times i forgot locking my bicycle leaving
it behind together with a bunch of keys. never got
stolen, even on busy streets in 六本木.

that ps3 would be gone the second the owner took his eyes off it

this might be stupid to ask but how safe is it if you forget to lock your house

Safer, but no 100% safe. My bicycle was stolen from my apartment’s parking area after someone broke the lock. (The cops actually found it two days later.) Also, my gf’s mother left her bag in her bicycle’s basket outside her house for just a few minutes while she went inside. When she went back outside, the bag was gone along with the 30-man en inside. (Japanese people often carry around crazy amounts of cash.)

I live in Musashi-Koyama too and I never lock my bike when I go to the grocery stores and stuff =) It’s pretty safe around here~

Besides bikes being stolen all the time (when I visited my mother-in-law over xmas vacation, her bike was stolen twice), golf club sets are a prime target in Japan. But I never worried about my wife walking home at night from the station to our apartment.

I moved to a new place in Tokyo and after a couple of weeks, I decided to ride my bicycle to the station. even though it was locked with a chain, it was gone by the time I got back. Don’t believe the hype about Japan being safe & secure…

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