Now July 2016

I’m and engineer who found out recently that my passion is writing. I live in Tokyo and I’m not travelling lately.

  • being the best husband I can by listening to my wife and also listening to all my family members who miss me because they live very far away.
  • learning to listen.
  • learning to write fiction.
  • writing my next book about Japan that will be a continuation of A geek in Japan .
  • eliminating things from my life by learning how to say no.
  • reading books.
  • doing my best as the lead of R&D engineering team at DG Lab .
  • learning to cook.
  • trying to improve the story I’m telling with my photography and focusing less on the technique.
  • yoga, meditation and swimming.

Feel free to email me.

This is an archived page was based on NowNowNow  last updated on July 2016.