One Piece keeps beating records; volume 65 will be printed 4 millon times

One Piece volume 65 will be released in Japan on February 3rd; 4 million volumes will go on sale beating the previous record of 3.8 million volumes, also held by another One Piece volume. If you do the math that means that around 3% of the Japanese population is reading One Piece at the moment, most likely even more.

One Piece
One Piece volume 65 cover. The volume will be released at the end of this week

Selling more than a million volumes is considered a huge success for a manga in Japan. There are not many manga series that can achieve such a feat: Nodame Cantabile, Bleach, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist and Kimi no Todoke.

Regarding total volume sales since the beginning of a manga series, One Piece is the number 1 manga series in the historical ranking having sold 250 million volumes in Japan, followed by Kochi no kame and Dragon Ball both having sold nearly 200 volumes.

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LOL. The most “runaway success” comics in Britain ever sold just over 1 million copies. Mind you said copy was only on sale for a week… and one of them was in 1950 when the population was smaller XD. Today a comic would be “doing amazingly well” if it sold 100,000 copies of an issue. I need to write some sort of angry tabloid berating the British people for letting this artform and once ‘huge’ part of our culture slide so badly. Oh wait I was doing that and left it half finished XD

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