Open interview to Wada-san

Wada-san is programmer at Technorati Japan, he works with me and gave me the opportunity to interview him. I decided to do an “open” interview, that means that you make the questions making comments in this post.

The rules are:

  • Enter your questions commenting in this entry.
  • Wada-san understands English, of course you can ask in Japanese too.
  • Read all comments before you make yours, don’t repeat previous questions!
  • Check the comments already made at the Spanish side. At the end we will answer the best questions from the English and the Spanish versions.

Some data about Wada-san: he is married, he is in his forties, he worked at Yahoo! Japan and now works at Technorati Japan, one of his hobbies is to play music at Akihabara’s Meido Kissas.

I’m Wada-san. Please, ask me whatever you have ever wanted to ask a Japanese!

11 replies on “Open interview to Wada-san”

I’ll ask this in this side of the blog then.

In a nutshell, how would you describe the japanese women?
Cheers to all.

Where in the world do the youngsters that hang out in harajuku with all their piercings and colored hair go to school? Since you guys have a strict code and all in your schools.

What to the Japanese generally think of Americans, and does an American knowing a bit of the japanese language make them more liked?

I like japanese girls…………………………….

or chinese………………………………

😀 unserious

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