Photo mix

My random pics folder was starting to fill up with too many photos and I have decided to put them all together in a post. It’s a pretty senseless mix that contains some pictures I took 5 years ago and some that I took days ago.

Rose and building
Rose and building designed by Tadao Ando.

Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto

Kyoto Shinsengumi
Shinsengumi in the streets of Kyoto.

Sunset in Kyoto
Sunset in Kyoto.

Kyoto night
Kyoto night.

Maid Kissa
Maid Kissa.

Tokyo 1964
Tokyo 2016 was not possible, back to the past!

A random Sunday in Harajuku.

Beware the crows
Beware the crows!.

Karaoke entrance
Karaoke entrance.

Tokyo crisis
The economic crisis is hitting Tokyo hard.

New DVD on sale
New DVD on sale.

Wedding at Meiji Jingu
A wedding at Meiji Jingu

Sweety Aibo
An Aibo craving for some sweets

Akihabara alley
Hidden alley in Akihabara

Yebisu Garden Place
Yebisu Garden Place

Tokyo bakery
Bakery in downtown Tokyo.

Okinawa soba restaurant
Welcome sign at an okinawa soba restaurant.

JUMP shop
JUMP shop.

Akihabara sunday

Akihabara sunday
A Sunday around Akihabara.

Sega building
SEGA building full of arcade machines.

Train models
Shelves plenty of train models.

A super thin tako-yaki restaurant.

Hatsune Miku
Giant figure of Hatsune Miku.

Shinjuku alleys
Shinjuku alleys.

Hakama around Shinjuku
A woman wearing a Hakama around Shinjuku.

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Haha. I remember that “hidden alley.” I really wish I was able to be in Harajuku on a Sunday. =/

And I do agree, that last photo is great.

Hmmm great pictures. Reminds me a lot of Japan last summer. I still regret not taking more pictures ^_^

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