SNS I actually use

I like to try everything when it’s new. Finally I end up registered in thousands of communities, services that I usually forget. But there are some SNS that I actually use frequently.

It’s the newest thing in the Net, you have to be there to be cool. You write “what you are doing from time to time” and your contacts can see it, is like a blog in real time. It sounds really stupid, but once you start you can’t stop. This is my Twitter, and this is the one from Steve Jobs . Start Twittering!

Some months ago at Creating Passionate Users this Twitter explanation graph was published:

A social network created at Harvard where “all” students from US universities are. It’s perfect if you have friends at US or you wanna find opportunities at the United States. This is my profile.

I’s probably the best professional network in the world, the ideal tool to look for your next job or business opportunities. This is my account.

Flickr is the best place to share your photos, and it’s also a good place to find people with common interests and learn more about art/photography. This is my Flickr account.

Is not really a SNS, but in the future I think they will improve a lot in this aspect and will be a great tool for connecting people and not only video sharing. This is my Youtube channel.

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But do you interact with the people you come across in those SNS? I. e: Do you reply to the comments left to you in flickr and/or write comments to others?
I hope you do, if not, I guess it can be viewed as sort of oportunism…

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