Solar bags and backpacks

The other day I was strolling around Tokyu Hands and these bags and backpacks with built-in solar cells grabbed my attention. The biggest backpack is able to produce 15W in ideal conditions, the small ones only 4W. The interesting thing is that they also include a battery so even when there’s not a laptop, cellphone or iPod plugged to the backpack, if you are walking in sunlight the battery will recharge so that you can plug any gadget later on to recharge it. It looks like a great idea to me, the problem is that the prices are around 300~500 euro, depending on the model.

Solar backpack and solar bag

The company that produces these bags and backpacks is not Japanese but American. If you are interested you can buy them online in their website.

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Solar backpack is a great and easy idea to save the environment. You can use cell phones and other portable devices even without an adapter. The sun, which is free! Solar backpacks are typically used to produce up to 4 watts. Please visit and choose your own solar backpack.

The solar bags, many more solar inventions will stop the global worming. this one is cool, having a battery and gets charged when in sunlight. Are these bags available online?

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