Tocho special illumination

Tokyo’s city hall building is called “Tocho” (都庁). It was the tallest building in the city from 1991 until last year when Tokyo Midtown was completed. “Tocho” was designed by Kenzo Tange trying to emulate a computer chip shape, do you think it looks like a chip? Its texture reminds me the Tyrell Corporation headquarters building.


Since some time ago, during national holiday days it is illuminated with the Olympic colors in order to promote Tokyo’s candidature for 2016 Olympic games. Every time I saw it with the special illumination I was either far away or no carrying my camera, but yesterday I looked from my balcony and I could see the “Tocho” like this:

Park Hyatt on the left and “Tocho” on the right.

I got my tripod, a 10-20mm lens and rode my fantabulous orange bicycle towards the city hall building:


I could not resist and stopped just before arriving and this super-photo:


But, just when I was arriving… Murphy switched off the lights!!! I was 23h o’clock. I’ll try next time, this is what I could get when I arrived:

“Tocho” on the left and an annex building on the right.

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Great photos, especially the green/red lit towers. I hope Tokyo will be the host of the 2016 Olympics!

These photographs are very impressing indeed, especially the third and fourth one–would it be possible to make them available in their original resolution for use as desktop wallpapers (i.e., >= 2048×1280/2560×1600 ^^)?

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