Tokyo once again the most expensive city in the world

For some years Japanese cities had lost the “privilege” of being the most expensive in the world thanks to the yen weakness against other currencies. However, the currency fluctuations during recent years have strengthened a lot the yen value; and now Tokyo, Nagoya, Yokohama and Kobe are respectively the 1st, 4th, 5th and 7th most expensive cities in the world.

These are bad news if you are planning on coming to Japan during the following months, but for those of us that live here (and earn our salary in yen) it’s not a problem at all. In fact, prices in Japan keep going down or are frozen, so for those living here everything seems cheaper and cheaper.

Some years ago a regular meal in a normal restaurant in Tokyo could cost around 1,000 yen; today the price is the same, it hasn’t changed at all for the people living here, but:

-Before: 1,000 yen (162 yen = 1 euro), it was only 6.17 euro for a good meal.

-Now: 1,000 yen (110 yen = 1 euro), are now 9 euro for the same meal!!

Source: Yahoo Finance.

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9 Euro for meal is not actually experience. I paid 15 Euro for Beef Ramen yesterday, which is actually fairly resonable for a resturant here. (Ireland)

Also I think this is probably wrong when you take into account countries like Norway where a beer can cost you 12 Euro in some places.

What the hell, Nagoya? Why Nagoya? And where’s Osaka?

However, 9 Euro is a common price for a meal here in Germany. In some ordinary restaurants you pay even more.

Tokyo as the most expensive is completely false, compared even to where I live: Toronto. Sure, Toronto’s cheaper if you have to pay for a 2000 square foot house and two cars, but you need those in Toronto because there’s nowhere to go nearby, and nothing to do when you get there.

Hopefully the Yen will weaken next year.. or else I’d have to cancel any plans to visit Japan. =(

Really? Well, i really didn’t perceive it as the most expensive city when i was there in December. It really is a city which you can make as expensive as you want. Of course there are expensive restaurants, but they’re all over the world. There are enough restaurants for people on a budget, like us. Just don’t expect to eat expensive beef or something.

Noodle stands and fastfood is ok, but sushi still ain’t that expensive, just like other typical japanese food. And you can get mexican, american, Mediterranean and other european food for a reasonable price.

But, weird enough, Pizza’s and Italian food is really expensive for some reason.

Sorry, You have obviously never been to Vancouver, BC, Canada!! This is the biggest rip off city. It’s as expensive as Tokyo, but everything sucks about Vancouver. Even the transit system is a complete joke.

I’m from Oslo, Norway. We’re often on the top of these lists as well. But I find Japan cheap. Then again I guess these lists are based on a lot more than food and drinks. (By the way JimJim, since you mention it, a beer here is normally between 6 and 8. 12 would be in a very posh place and very rare.)

food in tokyo is usually not very expensive, but for example to rent an apartment or get a taxi is way more expensive than probably any other city in the world.

Food in Tokyo can be very cheap, especially at lunch time – the kaitenzushi around the corner has a lunch special, 8 pieces of nigiri with miso soup and tea for 500 yen, around 4,50 euro. In Amsterdam that would cost you 20 up to 30 euro…

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