Top 10 Best Selling Manga Series of 2013

Here is a list of the manga series that sold the most volumes during 2013 in Japan. What manga series are you following? Any recommendations?

1 – One Piece
Still the undisputed number one manga and anime in Japan and overseas. This year 18 million One Piece volumes were sold in Japan.

one piece manga

2 – Attack on Titan – 進撃の巨人
The manga written and drawn by Hajime Isayama ranks second on the list and, with 16 millions volumes sold, is the only one that comes close to the top spot occupied by One Piece. Attack on Titan is set in an alternative middle-ages world in which the Titans (huge creatures) have almost annihilated humankind. Only a small number of humans still survive by living in cities surrounded by walls.

Attack on Titans

3 – Kuroko’s Basketball – 黒子のバスケ
A basketball manga. Is this the Slam Dunk of this decade?

Kuroko's Basketball

4 – Magi
A fantasy shōnen manga written and drawn by Shinobu Otaka that is set in an alternative past. 18 volumes have been published since the manga started in 2009.


5 – Naruto
Next to One Piece, Naruto is the manga that has been on the list for most years. However its popularity is running out of steam. I used to follow the anime years ago but I ended up getting bored.


6 – Silver Spoon – 銀の匙
It tells us the life and adventures of a student of a fictitious high school in Hokkaido. The anime series has started being aired in Fuji TV this year which has helped the sales of the manga.

Silver Spoon

7 – Assassination Classroom – 暗殺教室
A fantasy manga in which the students of a school have been promised a 10 billion Yen reward for assassinating their professor. Their professor turns out to be a powerful creature that destroyed 70% of the moon and has the plan to destroyed our planet.

Assassination Classroom

8 – Hunter x Hunter
Next to Naruto and One Piece it is the manga that has been on the top spots of the list for most years. After 15 years the adventures of Gon seem like are not ending anytime soon.

Hunter x Hunter

9 – Fairy Tail
The third fantasy manga in the Top 10. The two main characters are a wizard boy and a teen wizard girl.

Fairy Tail

10 – Terra Formars
This is the only manga on the list that I am currently following (I have read the seven released volumes). It is a science fiction manga in which Mars has been terraformed by sending cockroaches and mold. Several centuries later 6 humans travel to Mars, the terraforming has worked, the only problem is that the cockroaches have mutated and have become dangerous creatures. The six people of the crew are killed by the mutant cockroaches. Years later a multinational sends a mission to Mars to exterminate the mutant cockroaches…

Terra Formars

Gintama and Bleach are still very popular in Japan however they were not able to make the Top 10 in 2013.

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