Tranquil time in Tokyo

One of the best things I like about Tokyo is that, even though it is one of the most populated cities in the world, if you walk away five minutes from any train station you can find places that metaphorically transport you outside of Tokyo. Sometimes I have the feeling I’m not in Tokyo but in a little village lost in the mountains.

This picture was taken three minutes walking from this other picture last Sunday. There is a kid playing with his Nintendo DS in a park.


And if you look at the top-right corner there is an old woman taking care of the park’s garden.

I walked towards the old woman, and yes! she was “guerrilla gardening”.

I walked by again four hours later and she was still there. But the kid was not.

Name of the post inspired by Tokyo Times “Tranquil time” series.

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Beautiful park, on youtube there’s a user called “Tkyo Sam” and he has raw footage of him in a park that he wandered in to and it was incredible.

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