Umbrella vending machine

Umbrella vending machine in Japan
Photo taken by Miguel Michan

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I saw one of these vending machines in Toda, Saitama prefecture, few stops away from Ikebukuro.
I remember because I took also a photo when I went to the Toda onsen (which is really good, btw.).


This is Jaffri from Hong Kong. I am the editor assistant for inflight magazine, Aspire, that is being underwritten by Hong Kong Airlines and Hong Kong Express Airways.

We are looking to feature Kichijoji for our cover story. We will need quite a lot of pictures related to Kichijoji such as the Inokashira Onshi Park, shops and restaurants in Kichijoji.

I have read your blog and I found that you have taken a lot of great photos in Kichijoji. Do you mind borrowing some high resolution to us? For further details, please feel free to contact me. (i have sent you an e mail last week)

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Thank you very much.

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