Wadaiko Yamato

Wadaiko Yamato is the name of a Japanese music group that uses taikos as their main instrument. Wadaiko (和太鼓) means “Japanese drum” and Yamato is the former name of Nara, the capital of Japan in the past. The band has been active for 20years, and it is still popular in Germany and Switzerland where this year they will play in different cities. In Tokyo they will play in September.

With this video you can have an idea of what they are able to do with some taikos, impressive!

Official website: Yamato Wadaiko

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I love Taiko so much!
I can confirm that it’s very popular in Germany. Yamato was like the only taiko group I ever knew before moving to Japan many years ago.
I can never just pass by if I see a taiko performance somewhere. Now, with all the summer festivals I get to see a lot again!

I’d love to join and take taiko lessons, but there aren’t many options here in the countryside and the few don’t match my work schedule.

I’ve been playing taiko for about three and a half years now, and I absolutely love it. The group is still very new, so we have a lot to work on in terms of showmanship, but I think the best part about it is that everyone is really excited to be a part of it.

That said, I loved this video, it really showcases the energy that taiko almost demands from you, or at least the energy you need to put in to make it fun to watch.

Thanks for the recommendation! I’d love to see them live. I found them on Spotify if anyone is interested, under the name “YAMATO the drummers of Japan”.

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