Where do Japanese engineers want to work

Toyota is the dream company where Japanese engineers want to work. The next most desired companies are Honda, Panasonic, Nintendo and Canon. Sony and Canon lost positions compared with last year. On the other hand Nissan moved from the 20th to the 9th position and NEC from the 29th to the 10th!

Ingenieros japoneses
Companies ranked by Japanese engineers.

In order to build the final ranking the engineers were asked to reply different questions about reliability, stability, innovativeness and future potential of the company. Panasonic was first in reliability, Toyota in stability, Intel in innovativeness and Nintendo in future potential.

Ingenieros japoneses

What Japanese company would you like to work for? And if you are an engineer for what company would you like to work in your company?

Data from Nikkeibp.

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FYI – Toyota & Honda are practitioners of Agile Development, even before software engineers got hold of it. It is definitely a much more rewarding working process.

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