10% discount if it's raining

I got this discount ticket that it’s valid for a dinner in a restaurant only if it’s raining. I’ve only seen in practice this marketing strategy in Japan but I think it could work in other places. Would you go out for dinner if you have a 10% discount or would you stay at home?


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That’d work for me, but only if it was a restaurant I might want to go to anyway. I’ve only ever used Jonathan’s as a place to stay sit in between a long night out drinking and the first train in the morning.

I’d go if it didn’t involve much walking in the rain, but I’d also be influenced by how intense the rain was. Also, it would greatly depend on what kind of food and pricing they’d have here.

I’d very likely skip it if I was in the middle of a storm. 🙂

Sadly, I don’t think restaurants will ever implement something like that here in Portugal. We don’t get much rain anyway so they probably think whatever they’d get of doing this would not be worth it.

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