3D Televisions

I think that in Europe and North America 3D televisions are starting to be available everywhere; here in Japan you can find many of them on sale in stores. This is a 32 inches 3D television that costs around 1000 euros (1350 dollars); the funny thing is that you have to buy also the glasses, which cost 40 euros (around 55 dollars). Will the Avatar Blu-ray have a 3D version? Do you think that 3D will succeed in the home market or you think it’s a temporary fad?

3D television

3D television

3D television

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I assume I’d need to get 3D glasses for my prescription, or begin to wear contacts to use regular 3D glasses. No thanks.

It will be best to wait till the second generation which has no glasses. A few company exist who already do this and are selling commercially.

Even when they do go on the public market I doubt I’ll be picking one up. 3D makes my eyes hurt and makes no difference in my enjoyment.

I’m going with ‘passing trend’. It would be nice to have one if I just had the money to waste, but I couldn’t watch all my TV as 3D, unless there’s some sort of option to turn it off. Even if there is, I don’t think I would pay extra for it.

Also, the idea of having to wear glasses to view it properly is kind of a turn off for me, since I wear prescription glasses that cost enough to replace every year already.

That being said, I can’t blame them for innovating. It’s nice to see new technology constantly hitting the market, even if I personally don’t see a use for it in my life.

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