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Akira Toriyama interview

Akira Toriyama wrote Dr.Slump and Dragon Ball. He is one of the most famous mangakas ever. He has millions of fans, but he is very reluctant to media, in fact his most recent “official” picture is from 10 years ago. No new pictures of him appear on newspapers or magazines, and he is rarely interviewed.

Last week on Youtube appeared a video where Toriyama is interviewed on a famous Japanese TV show 25 years ago; it was the most viewed video in Japan last week. If you watch the video you will see a young Akira Toriyama, it was before he started Dragon Ball just after he got married and he didn’t have children yet. It feels like he is a “typical”/”normal” Japanese and seems very shy/innocent.

During the interview they talk about how difficult is to start writing and making money from manga, they also talk about his recent marriage (You can see her wife during some seconds).
During the second part they talk about Dr.Slump, how he thought about a robot using glasses etc. Third part is interesting because you can listen Toriyama talking about how amazing and big Tokyo is. Toriyama is from Nagoya country side, it seems he is not used to big sizes.

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