Mixing reality with fiction from the anime Free!

I love series of photos comparing real locations with Japanese manga or anime. My favourite is the The garden of words, the art of the movie is so good that if you don’t look carefully you might not be able to distinguish reality from fiction. This new series of pictures has been collected by @momo_hiki29 during a trip to Iwami, the town where the characters of the anime Free! live.





Via Twitton.me

Other series of photos mixing reality and animation:

Hayao Miyazaki designing a village for kids

Hayao Miyazaki has donated around 2,5 million dollars to an NPO to build a village for the kids of Kumejima island in Okinawa. Miyazaki will also be involved in the design of the installation. It will have 10,000 square meters and will aim to create a natural environment where rocks and trees feel integrated into the landscape.

The name of the project is “The forest where the wind comes back”, probably in contrast with his last movie title “The Wind Rises”. The objective is to give the kids of Kumejima a place where they can play and enjoy nature with freedom. This is the first design of the village made by Hayao:



Via Okinawa Times