Mixing reality with fiction from the anime Free!

I love series of photos comparing real locations with Japanese manga or anime. My favourite is the The garden of words, the art of the movie is so good that if you don’t look carefully you might not be able to distinguish reality from fiction. This new series of pictures has been collected by @momo_hiki29 during a trip to Iwami, the town where the characters of the anime Free! live.





Via Twitton.me

Other series of photos mixing reality and animation:


The art of Gundam exhibition

If you are visiting Tokyo this summer and you love Gundam I recommend visiting the “The art of Gundam” exhibition at the Mori Arts Center Gallery (Roppongi Hills, direction and opening times ). It features Gundam art in a chronological order and there are tons of original drawings and sketches by Yoshiyuki Tomino.







More photos from inside the exhibition at the official site


Hayao Miyazaki designing a village for kids

Hayao Miyazaki has donated around 2,5 million dollars to an NPO to build a village for the kids of Kumejima island in Okinawa. Miyazaki will also be involved in the design of the installation. It will have 10,000 square meters and will aim to create a natural environment where rocks and trees feel integrated into the landscape.

The name of the project is “The forest where the wind comes back”, probably in contrast with his last movie title “The Wind Rises”. The objective is to give the kids of Kumejima a place where they can play and enjoy nature with freedom. This is the first design of the village made by Hayao:



Via Okinawa Times


Ghibli shop at Karuizawa

While exploring Karuizawa we found this little shop filled with Ghibli merchandising. The shop and the building itself has a look and feel very “ghiblish”. I recommend visiting Ghibli Museum if you are a fan, but if you never have enough of Ghibli you can keep spending money in shops like this one in Karuizawa: Google Maps





mamatotoroMy mother with Totoro



Howl’s moving castle cosplay

Elentari , a girl from the United States has created an amazing Howl’s moving castle cosplay. It looks so real that it could be used to make a movie. I love that in the pictures it looks like bigger than it really is, if you look carefully you will find out the real dimensions of it 🙂


howls2 howls4 howls5


Miyazaki Strikes Back

After his “supposed” retirement Hayao Miyazaki is back in the game again. His new work will be a short film and it will be the first time a Miyazaki work is completely created with computer animation. The title of the short film will be Boro The Caterpillar (“Kemushi no Boro”) and it will be shown at the auditorium at The Ghibli Museum.

In the press conference Miyazaki explained the decision to use only computer animation for the short film:

“I can’t find good brushes any more, and the quality of drawing paper has declined,” he said. “It seems the world has been changing fundamentally.”

He also did some comments about primer minister Abe’s politics in respect to Second World War:

“We must express deep remorse over the tremendous damage we caused to the people of China. We must clearly state that we regret that,” Miyazaki said. “I know there are many people who wish to forget that part of history, but we must never forget the senseless acts that Japan conducted in China over a long period of time.”


Naruto Exhibition

If you are now in Japan you might be interested in visiting the Naruto exhibition which is currently being held at the 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills. The exhibition is opened until June 28th. Not only you will find Naruto and his friends at the exhibition but also in the streets of Roppongi which have been decorated for the occasion. You can collect the characters of the popular TV show that you find in the streets and participate in a “Stamp Rally” contest. You can find more info at the official website.

















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Curry And Dragon Ball Z

The restaurant chain Coco Curry Ichibanya 壱番屋 which specializes in Japanese curry has been running a Dragon Ball Z marketing campaign for the last few weeks. It is part of the promotion of the new Dragon Ball Z movie and it will last until May 31st. If you are in Japan and you like curry for each 1,000 yen that you spend in the restaurant you will participate in a contest to get a plate or an original trading card.

coco curry Dragon Ball Z

coco curry Dragon Ball Z

coco curry Dragon Ball Z

coco curry Dragon Ball Z

coco curry Dragon Ball Z

coco curry Dragon Ball Z
This is how a Coco Curry Ichibanya 壱番屋 restaurant looks. In Tokyo you can spot many of them near subway stations.

coco curry Dragon Ball ZKatsu curry is the highlight dish

Official Website: Ichibanya.


Hayao Miyazaki Will Receive An Honorary Oscar

The retired anime director and artist Hayao Miyazaki will receive an honorary Oscar award for his lifetime achievements. Miyazaki will become the second Japanese director to receive the award, the first one being Akira Kurosawa in 1990. Miyazaki after hearing the news said:

“It is an honor to receive the award, but I believe that a person that has retired doesn’t need any awards.”

miyazaki honorary oscar

Source: The Japan news.


Ghost in the Shell: Arise

Ghost in the Shell: Arise is an OVA divided into four parts based on the Ghost in the Shell universe 攻殻機動隊. I recently finished watching the third part “Ghost Tears”. In September the fourth part, “Ghost Stands Alone”, will be released and will complete the series. Masamune Shirow has not been involved in the production team and for that reason the style of Arise has changed from the style of the movies and Stand Alone Complex. One of the most significant changes is that instead of having blue tachikomas now there are red logicomas.

Arise begins just at the end of World War IV in year 2027. The plot explores the depth of the formation of Sector 9, the intelligence department of the Japanese ministry of internal affairs. Another novelty is the new characters, many of them related with Rikugun Go Maru Ichi Kikan 陸軍501機関, the organization that transformed Kusanagi into a cyborg.

The Arise OVAs are ideal if you still don’t know the Ghost in the Shell universe and want to immerse yourself in it. It is much more “light” than Stand Alone Complex.

Ghost in the Shell: Arise

Ghost in the Shell: Arise

Photo by Nihongogo

Ghost in the Shell: Arise

Ghost in the Shell: Arise

Ghost in the Shell: Arise

There’s also an Arise manga drawn by Fujisaku Junichi, one of the key members of Production I.G. Its name is Ghost in the Shell: Arise ~Sleepless Eye~ (攻殻機動隊ARISE~眠らない眼の男). The art is impressive but the story is quite boring because it’s just a connection of several action scenes.

Ghost in the Shell: Arise

Official website