Asimo controlled by a human mind

I met Asimo five years ago and he became my favorite robot. Asimo is not new, what is new is an BMI (Brain Machine Interface) made by Honda and Shimazu Corporation that allows humans to control the robots movements just by thinking about it.



Vídeo que muestra el sistema en funcionamiento.

BMI (Brain Machine Interface) are not new, de in fact there are already some “affordable” products on sale that facilitate the control of certain computer functions just by thinking about them. What is new about the Honda system is the combination of Electroencephalography (EEG) and “near-infrared spectroscopy” together. It is the first time both techniques are used together.

The EEG analyzes electric potential changes on the skull surface, and the near-infrared spectroscopy extracts data about how the blood is moving inside the brain. Combining both sources of information gives the system enough robustness to be able to move Asimo’s hands and legs just by thinking about it and the accuracy is higher than 90%!

Sources: Pinktentacle y Honda.

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In a few decades Evangelion-esque robots will be a reality. Or the Matrix.

I for one approve of our new robot masters.

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