Camera without battery

Sony has just shown his news 3 megapixel camera that looks like a pizza cutter. This curious shape has a meaning, it makes it easier to reload the battery. Every time you want to take a picture you have to roll the wheel against a surface during 15~20 seconds until you generate enough energy to take a picture.

Sony Camera
La cámara sin batería de Sony se llama “Twirl N’ Take”.

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Absolute genius… to a degree. While it is a nice idea, and I can definitely imagine a whole plethora of applications (such as in disaster zones), I just don’t see it taking the world (or Japan for that matter) by storm. Japan always comes up with these nifty and out-of-the-ordinary gadgets. But you never see them outside Japan. I wonder, do products like these (which are quite clever) ever find a large market?

What’s this? Could it be a zapper thingie? Look at the circle… there… *click*… then you lose your memory of the last 48 hours…

I wonder how many man-hours and testing costs they spent on this odd camera…? I have to say it is a bit cute though…

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