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Japan is the country in the world with more suicide cases per capita and Tokyo is the city with more suicides in Japan. Some days ago I found this ad inside a train. It is a campaign organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in order to try to reduce suicide cases. The ad says: “Life is important”, “In this life there is many people important/who needs you/who waits for you” and “Let’s help to reduce suicides in Tokyo!”. I wonder what would think a person who is gonna commit suicide if he/she sees this ad… I’m sure there are more effective ways to reduce suicides (A really big problem in this society).


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France is starting a survey, says the gov, to pinpoint the causes of suicide in Job place cases.

It happens meanwhile a new suicide scandal (4th one) burst out in Renault’s offices.

Do they have telephone helplines? Or counsellors in companies?

Of Japan’s suicides that have to do with overworked businessmen or ambitious-less teenagers, its very specific to that region and can only be dealt accordingly..

I don’t pretend to know enough about the culture to judge, really.

Hmm, when really a lot of bad stuff heaps up and nothing seems to help anymore and life seems meaningless to you… at that point you might could see what a person in danger of suicide would think about it.
I hope this never happens to you, plus Danny needs you now! πŸ˜‰
Being in the “mood” for suicide is just a really hard depression which drives you close to being without any sense, being in this situation you hardly do read anything around you because your brain is busy processing all the crap that troubles you.
The problem also is there are at least three kind of suicide people, the first who is serious and just does it, the second who wants some attention or help – those might even consider this wallpaper in the train, or even to call a help line.
The third which is there… well… they try it but fail, life only gets worse after that, you lose the mood to do anything… the “drive” or “energy” to do anything is gone.
They only life day by day without having friends anymore, it’s rare that someone (except family) still sticks to someone that tried to suicide, also they will try to keep it a secret not to scare away possible new friends. Though it’s hard to find those friends, the lack of motivation to do anything but sleeping and geting your mind of the stuff with whatever do their part here.
It’s pretty much the end, those people did accept their fate and it’s hard to get them out of there.
Sure it can turn out in many other ways depending on the enviroment facts but thats what i have seen with my own eyes, it’s not pretty and it’s really hard to handle.
Just the memory of this can be very… painfull, and there are many occasions when your reminded to it.
It’s hard to forget.
Now i wonder what would be a really good way to prevent suicide? Have people see a therapist or consultant on a weekly base to see if there are problems that could lead to suicide? I don’t know… maybe it’s just another thing of this “survial of the strongest”.
I’m really not sure, and in advance i hope i didnt offend anyone with my input here – was just meant as my 2cent.. err… few dollars (considering the size) to the topic since i had been in touch with it, Thanks.

Its funny that this would be you’re post today, as the last couple of days my life has been one giant slip and slide down hill the thought had corssed my mind for a moment but I know looking at the big pictuer life keeps turning you can turn things around thoue it is a double edged sword because at the same time the world doesn’t stop for your problem it just keeps going making you feel even more alone and meaningless,I agree with Tami’s Analzation of the topic of suicide and the people that have tried it I am one of the few that ?Have tried didn’t sucseed and maniged to keep my friends and rebuild my life to an exstent and get that vigor for life back if it is fleeding agian its just a funk some can pull out of it osme can’t i guess its person to person and varis situation to situation

All I can say is… that sign wouldn’t stop me from offing myself if I really wanted to. It’s too cheerful, too childish – most people who want to kill themselves are depressed and older than a child, so I doubt the sign will work.

The real way for Japan to stop suicide is to give the people something OTHER than work – Japan needs to reawaken its old cultural past, build centers for people to express themselves – Japan needs to start exploring its own culture seriously. While I do like the Japan of the Present day, I feel as if it is losing its old traditions and becoming a shallow society which resembles a mish-mash of other cultures, which is a shame because Japan has a deep and interesting culture – but it’s being buried away.

Maybe that is why so many in Japan feel depressed.

I heard a pretty surprising fact that a majority of Japanese business men never mention their affection to their wives.

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