It’s been a while since I last used a purikura プリクラ machine. Last week we tried this last generation purikura booth with state of the art technology at Harajuku. First you enter a booth and the purikura system takes pictures of you, next you have to move to the “editing room”. In the editing room you have time to all types of filters, depending on the model it allows you to do certain things or not. For example, the one we used has an special algorithm that makes your face look like the face of the Japanese model Rola.









Virtual Fitting Room

Does someboody know what company is developing the following “magic mirror”? It seems that some people has started spotting them at some shops in Omotesando, but I still don’t know where exactly.

Virtual fitting room

Via: imgur.

Kyunkun – Fashion & Robots

Kyunkun is a girl born in Tokyo who defines herself as a “Robot Fashion creator”. She started making wearable prototypes using arduinos and LEDs and little by little she evolved her style by adding mechanical elements. Her latest model is some kind of bag with arms coming out of the back. For the moment this is just a hobby and to make a living she does temporary work “baitos” バイト.

Kyunkun fasion

Kyunkun fasion

Kyunkun fasion

Kyunkun fasion

Kyunkun fasion

In the following videos you can see the process followed by Kyunkun to create her “wearable” robot models.

Kyunkun official website