Stormtrooper in Tokyo

Some months ago I discovered, a really cool blog that teaches about japanese otaku culture, idols and life in Japan. On of the most weird-interesting things is that the author of the blog has a Storm Trooper armor, and he wears it not only at events but also as a normal suit.

It happened that I had the honor to meet Danny Choo in the real world and accompanied him to a “trooping session” around Tokyo. It was really funny, weird, interesting to see a Stormtrooper walking around thousands of japanese people, inside the train, inside shops… I loved when tired Japanese people walking without energy looking at the floor, would walk just next to DannyChoo/Stormtrooper without realizing. Just after some seconds they feel something weird and they look up startled at that Stormtrooper that is walking next to them, smile and take a photo with their mobile phone. They got a smile and a photo they could show to their friends and family.

I took lots of photos, here are some of them:

Can you imagine the face of this guy when he entered the train?

Notice the people taking photos from the other platform.

Funny face ๐Ÿ™‚

If you don’t have enough, Danny Choo was on Japanese TV this friday an you can see the TV show online.


Meido Kissa – ใƒกใ‚คใƒ‰ๅ–ซ่Œถ

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Meido Kissas are coffee shops where ladies wearing maid clothing serve you the coffe. Meid Kissa trend is extending not only all around Japan but also through all Asia. At major cities like Seul, Taipei or Hong Kong, Meido Kissa’s are appearing; I read somewhere that even at Canad someone started a Meido Kissa.

When you enter a Meido Kissa, many girls welcome you bowing and they utter a respect formula in japanese, something like “Welcome back, honorable man of this home”. They try to make you feel as you are a really important man with lots of money, a big mansion and many maids working for you. But anyways, it’s just a coffe shop, so it feels more like a real-life-simulation I guess ๐Ÿ™‚

Some “meido” walk around Akihabara at Tokyo trying to catch your attention and guide you till their Meido Kissa.

Meido Kissa advertisement.

Akihabara is the origin of this trend-business, and there it is where new business models are being developed based on the same original idea. For example, there are Meido Kissas for women where nice looking guys serve the tea or coffee to the men clients. There are also Meido hairdressing places, where girls dress as a maid cut your hair or shave you. And the last trend are massage and aromatherapy saloons where girls dressed as maids take care of your mussels and your back pain.

Meido Aromatherapy.

Hands massage.

Photos from Mai-foot.

What’s going on in a Meido Kissa.