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Real size dolls

The weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in Akihabara are used panties vending machines. But Dannychoo found something even more weird, a place where you can buy pretty realistic dolls with big boobs. If you want one of these “beautiful android women” it will cost you more than 500.000 yen. Usually these dolls are sold on the Internet but Danny found a showroom and took some really cool pictures.

We are watching you…

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Gundam – ガンダム

Gundam is one of the longest series of Japanese anime, it started in 1979 with “Mobile Suit Gundam” and it is still running with “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED”. The fantastic world of Gundam is huge, I’m not a Gundam fan but I can see series, films, OVAs, video games and figures every time I go shopping around Tokyo. Figures are one of the most popular articles. If you are a big Gundam fan, Tokyo is for sure your paradise, but if you can’t come to Tokyo in the near future you should check this.

Here are some pictures I took this weekend, I found all this Gundam stuff by chance, it’s everywhere!:

Next to a big Gundam robot. It’s costs around 2.500 Euros.

Gundam DVD boxes.


Special Spray “especial” to paint your Gundam figures.

Everything Gundam!

Those are “special” for your Gundams.

Magazines about Gundam world.

Corridors and more corridors full of figures.


Anime while you pee

Found at Dannychoo this “anime toilet” that maybe is somewhere around Akihabara.

Unfortunately it seems that the previous picture is fake, but the original one it’s also kinda cool.

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