Bra That Only Works With True Love

Ravijour has released to the market the bra “TRUE LOVE TESTER”. This bra has several sensors and connects via bluetooth with smartphones that have a special app that analyzes the level of “real arousal” of the woman that is wearing the bra. If the man has done a good job and has conquered the heart of the woman, the bra will automatically open up…

It is kind of difficult to explain, better watch the video:

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Source: Fashion Press

Donating to Charity by Squeezing the Boobs of a Porn Actress

A TV production company held an event last weekend in which if you donated 1,000 yen (around 10 EUR/13 USD) to fight against AIDS you had the chance to grab and squeeze the boobs of a porn actress.

Japanese Porn Actress Boobs

During two days 4,690 people donated money and had the chance to squeeze boobies; a line was formed around the building where the event took place.

Japanese Porn Actress Boobs

41,000 euros (51,000 dollars) were collected in total during the event that will be used in AIDS prevention campaigns.

Japanese Porn Actress Boobs

Reports about the event were seen on TV, although the boob-grabbing moments where not shown.

Source: Tokyo Sports Movie.

Reading adult stuff on the subway

Notice that there is a kid right next to the man, but he doesn’t care at all. It is not difficult to see people reading adult magazines and erotic manga in public places without any concern, it seems like they are not embarrassed, like they don’t care about what everyone else thinks about them.

adult stuff on the subway

adult stuff on the subway

Reading porn magazine on the subway