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Japan Is Awesome by Javier Yañez

My friend Javier Yañez sends me this video that he recorded while travelling around Japan last Spring. It’s great!

One of the things I want to improve myself is my ability to create good videos. I asked Javier and he recommended me to use Hands Free Camera Shoulder Pad to stabilize the image. To record the video Javier used a Canon 7d in Magic recording in Latern RAW and gave it colour using Davinci Resolve.


533 Days Around The World

When I was Thailand and Singapore in 2010 with my friend Ignacio I found him several times taking a picture of his face. “It’s for a project I’m thinking about; it’s going to be really cool!” – he told me. “The idea is to take always the same kind of picture, with the same angle and using the same lens, so when I go back home after my trip around the world I can make a video”.

It’s taken a while but the result is impressive; it’s very interesting to see how Ignacio’s beard changes!


Cutting a Plastic Bullet with a Katana

Isao Machii is a master of Iaido, the martial art dedicated to drawing the katana and cutting in a single movement. Master Isao owns several Guinness records, like for example: “Fastest 1,000 martial arts sword cuts” or “Fastest tennis ball (708 km/h) cut by sword”. Its most astounding ability is to be able to cut a bullet with his katana:

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Japan Earthquakes in 2011

This video is really impressive. It is a representation of all the earthquakes that shaked Japan during 2011. At 1:45 the really big shake starts, first with a M7.3 earthquake on March 9th (it was some kind of warning about what was coming next) and then a M9.0 two days later, which unleashed hundreds of replicas that had us feeling seasick (earthsick?) and frightened for months.

Watch it with the sound on!

Via: Monoroch.


One Year in Japan by CaDs

My friend CaDs arrived to Japan in December 2010. After one year living in Tokyo he gives us this present, a video with some of the wonderful pictures that he took during his first year in Japan:

Watch it full screen and enjoying the music!