Konnichiwa Sayonara

Firas, one of the readers of this blog visited Japan and created this awesome video! I love the simplicity of it and how it brings smiles in the people he encounters.


Japan Is Awesome by Javier Yañez

My friend Javier Yañez sends me this video that he recorded while travelling around Japan last Spring. It’s great!

One of the things I want to improve myself is my ability to create good videos. I asked Javier and he recommended me to use Hands Free Camera Shoulder Pad to stabilize the image. To record the video Javier used a Canon 7d in Magic recording in Latern RAW and gave it colour using Davinci Resolve.


533 Days Around The World

When I was Thailand and Singapore in 2010 with my friend Ignacio I found him several times taking a picture of his face. “It’s for a project I’m thinking about; it’s going to be really cool!” – he told me. “The idea is to take always the same kind of picture, with the same angle and using the same lens, so when I go back home after my trip around the world I can make a video”.

It’s taken a while but the result is impressive; it’s very interesting to see how Ignacio’s beard changes!


Cutting a Plastic Bullet with a Katana

Isao Machii is a master of Iaido, the martial art dedicated to drawing the katana and cutting in a single movement. Master Isao owns several Guinness records, like for example: “Fastest 1,000 martial arts sword cuts” or “Fastest tennis ball (708 km/h) cut by sword”. Its most astounding ability is to be able to cut a bullet with his katana:

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Japan Earthquakes in 2011

This video is really impressive. It is a representation of all the earthquakes that shaked Japan during 2011. At 1:45 the really big shake starts, first with a M7.3 earthquake on March 9th (it was some kind of warning about what was coming next) and then a M9.0 two days later, which unleashed hundreds of replicas that had us feeling seasick (earthsick?) and frightened for months.

Watch it with the sound on!

Via: Monoroch.


One Year in Japan by CaDs

My friend CaDs arrived to Japan in December 2010. After one year living in Tokyo he gives us this present, a video with some of the wonderful pictures that he took during his first year in Japan:

Watch it full screen and enjoying the music!