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Drawing Tokyo from memory

I found this Stephen Wiltshire video in my Youtube favorites. Stephen was born with autism, and he could not learn how to speak until he was 9 years old. But he realized that he had a great special ability, he could memorize complicated things just by looking at them. He can just look from an skyscraper window during some minutes and the made a drawing with all kinds of details. One of the things he does is to visit cities by helicopter, look at them during one hour and then draw everything he saw. Madrid, Rome, London, New York and Hong Kong were pretty easy for him, so he tried with Tokyo. And yes, he could, but it took him one week to finish the panoramic 360 degrees drawing made from what he saw from a helicopter fly and some observations from Roppongi Hills.

Highres drawing can be found here.

I realized that the Yoyogi park area is not very accurate, but still impressive!

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Wow! That is amazing! I would love to have a memory like that. It is also cool how he did little bits of the painting all over the place, then they joined up!

But wow the voice over lady has an amazingly boring voice. And the video is soooo slow paced. But awesome ability. It’s amazing how the brain works.

That really is fantastic…. a tribute to how great a human mind can function. An organic computer of sorts – how very fascinating.

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