Elephant cage

Yesterday I was (trying) to read Asahi Shinbun and came into an article about a communications station from the United States army that is being demolished in Okinawa. It happens that this antenna cached my attention when I went to Okinawa, I took these pictures.



This big weird thing is in a village called Yomitan located near the west coast in the biggest island in Okinawa. The shape of the antenna and its size (You can appreciate it from the second picture) made some people to imagine that it looks like an “elephant cage” and that’s how local people call it. The place where the “elephant cage” is was conquered by the United States at the end of the war but two years ago it was returned to Japan. During the next months the antenna is gonna be demolished and the terrain will be returned to its original landlords (Not an easy job, you need to know who owned the land before the WWII).

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I was stationed there. I am sorry to see it go. It was an interesting place. It was 1 floor above ground.. 3 big levels below. We used to do morse code there. The antennas were used to catch low band and high band frequencies, thats why you see a short set of antenna and a taller set inside that.

So many memories there. Wierd.

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