Expanding our merchandising business lines

Last year Danny and me, after lots of thought we decided to move from the old Internet business and start licensing our mascot character Mirai-chan creating an eroge videogame. It was a great decision, Miracle Mirai sales have been doing quite well during this last fiscal year and we are reinvesting that money into expanding our Mirai-chan business. Furthermore, we don’t have to care any more about programming and servers and all that stuff, all we need to care in our new fruitful business is about how cute is Mirai-chan going to be in our next products. This time we have started to produce some cool otaku goodies in collaboration with some Japanese companies, some of them are already on sale!


Buy a Mirai-chan dakimakura!

Buy a Mirai-cha oppai mouse pad!

More details about all these new products and Mirai-chan merchandising at

5 replies on “Expanding our merchandising business lines”

The otaku stuff looks great ^^ The internet no longer has any money left because of the recession, I was thinking that otaku business could really save you guys. Good work!

You guys are incredibly cruel. Do you have any idea how much we would like to buy stuff like this? At least let me have the pillow cover!
April 1st sucks!

LOL- love all the cool gear would buy it if I was a man. 😉
Otherwise, I’d get it for the younger brothers and others in his generation.
Sucks that we can’t get it here in Australia. Bah!

ew! how cute or how creepy! what kind of loser would risk having that kind of mouse pad (the shame if someone of the opposite sex saw it)

lol i would totally get that mousepad if it was available in canada and I didn’t live with my parents (i’m still 15 xD)

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