How to fart without stinking too much

I like this TV show where viewers can ask weird questions and the show will answer the questions after some research. I recorded a piece of the show where someone asked “What do I have to do if I want to minimize the stinkness of my farts?”. In the TV show they are pretty serious with all questions, and they even called university professors to help them to find the solution to this difficult question. If you don’t know Japanese just watch from minute 5, and if you just want to see the final answer to to minute 7.

Do you have any technique better than the one showed in the video?

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I always thought the purpose of a fart was to make it smell as bad as possible… after all its funny seeing peoples expressions like if someone started a chemical attack.

What is this show called? They brought it to America for one season about five years ago. It was called “Hey! Spring of Trivia.” It was great entertainment!

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