If you could become an anime character

Oricon Inc made a poll asking 900 Japanese people: if you could become an anime character who would you like to be? My choice would be Doraemon, because he is always happy and he always have a funny solution for all problems. Japanprobe presented the results using nice images like this:

1.- Goku from Dragon Ball


2.- Doraemon from Doraemon


3.- Luffy from One Piece


4.- Nobita from Doraemon


5.- Conan from Detective Conan


5.- Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon
6.- Heidi from Heidi
8.- Arsène Lupin III from Lupin III
9 (Empate).- Minami Asakura from Touch
9 (Empate).- Satoshi from Pokemon
9 (Empate).- Kyon from Haruhi Suzumiya

9 replies on “If you could become an anime character”

From that list, I’d choose Goku too..

But if I could choose any anime character, I’d choose either Shikamaru from Naruto (IQ above 200 ftw) or Ichigo from Bleach (I like his sense of justice)..

Or if I could be a girl, I’d just be one of the many cuties in anime.. suzuka perhaps? ^^ (big fan of the anime

i think i would choose osaka or miss yukari from azumanga dioh..or maybe rukia from bleach? oh no..i got it! i want to be konata >w<

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