Jiro: The Best Sushi in the World

The sushi served in the Jiro restaurant in Ginza is considered the best in the world; it was the first sushi restaurant to receive 3 Michelin stars! Unfortunately I have never been there; you have to make a reservation (there is only place for 10 people) and a normal meal costs between 30,000 and 40,000 yen (300-400 euro / 400-500 dollars).

Jiro Ono is 85 years old but he is still the restaurant chef. He has dedicated all his life to sushi and now his biggest concern is that his son can continue the tradition maintaining the same level of mastery. The documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi portrays the lifestyle of Jiro and his son, considered the best sushi cooks in the world. This is the documentary trailer, highly recommended!:

I am fascinated by their level of dedication to sushi

For those interested, this is the location of the restaurant in Google Maps.

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