Lego Space Shuttle

These two Japanese guys have built this amazing Space Shuttle using 65000 lego bricks and 1590 hours (Two persons). Amazing!


It seems that the guys who made this Space Shuttle are going to join an event that is going to try to beat the world tallest Lego tower ever built. If you want to see the Lego Tower it is a little big far north of Tokyo and it will be completed by the 3rd of March.

  • Mentrepreneur

    April 5, 2009 at 12:16 pm

    holy moly!!! this is so coool!

    damn I remember back in 1995 I received the original lego shuttle box which in and itself was quite an impressive design.

    But this… man I could not notice it’s made of LEGOs until I read the word LEGO!

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