Meiji Jingu energetic fountain

Inside Meiji Jingu temple there is a natural fountain (quite strange in downtown Tokyo) which is the spring of a small water stream that ends up a little further in a small pond on the limit with Yoyogi park. It turns out that the fountain is considered one of he most “energetic” places in the city; it is a power spot or パワースポット (in Japanese). In general, all Meiji Jingu is considered a power spot and legend has it that the energy is specially positive at 6:00 a.m.

The fountain, which is called Kiyomasanoido 清正井, is the most energetic spot in the temple and its “powers” have been known for a very long time. However, until the end of last year it was almost always unnoticed by the temple visitors, but then it appeared on TV… and since then really long lines are being formed regularly only to be able to see the fountain!

Some people say that the fountain is energetically connected with Mount Fuji because its location is just in one of its “energetic lines” according to the ryumyaku 龍脈 technique (something similar to the Feng Shui).

Power spot

Power spot
People say that if you take a picture of the fountain and you store it into your cellphone, it will bring you good luck.

Vídeo of the power spot.

Source: Yahoo News.