More robots with human-like gestures

When I posted about the Singing Robot developed by AIST Institute in Japan, I got an e-mail from Miguel Michán telling me about the Actroid-F, another robot from the same lab.

I have also been reading about the latest developments of the Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories and it seems like they have ready a new version of their Geminoid robot. This new version, when finished, will be used as an actress in a Japanese TV show.

4 replies on “More robots with human-like gestures”

They’re making the robot an actor????

That’s pretty insulting to all those hardworking Japanese women actors out. Either that, or it’s some sort of cruel commentary about their lack of talent so much that they might be swapped out for a machine.

Weird either way.

Well, for making one of those things, I bet it takes a whole team of hardworking engineers, scientists, programmers, etc… it’s not like they’re insulting nobody, there are cheaper ways to do so.

It’s quite interesting (and scary).

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