Mount Fuji at Night

We started our day with the surprise of being able to see mount Fuji greeting us from among the clouds for some minutes over lake Kawaguchi. It was cloudy all day, even some raindrops fell, but after having dinner the sky cleared up, we could see the stars and even mount Fuji let us see him again.

We parked our car in the east shore of lake Yamanaka and we could take pictures like the one below. It was a pity that not all clouds went away and they spoilt our pictures a little bit. Also some lights in the border of the lake didn’t let us frame our pictures with more freedom.

The lights seen in the mountainside are people that are climbing to the summit. The climb to the top of mount Fuji is usually started at the end of the evening to reach the top just before sunrise.

In the larger version of the photo
the stars can be appreciated.

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