Otaku demonstration

This weekend I joined an Otaku demonstration, probably the first Otaku demo ever. It was in Akihabara were around 1.000 otakus joined the march against otaku discrimination. They claimed respect from traditional media that sometimes treats otakus people in general as “criminals” and also the “liberation of Akihabara and otaku emancipation”. Lately many big department stores are conquering Akihabara, little shops are disappearing, and with them the “authentic Akihabara spirit” is also being destroyed.

Danny Choo joined the demo as Stormtrooper, try to find him in the pictures:

Check Dannychoo’s entry for more pictures and videos. Ueda-san from Jabro.jp was also with me taking pictures all the time, check his point of view.

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  1. A very positive demo, but it’s still a little negative. You can’t fight the big enterprises buying the aura you’ve built around a town. Just sell it and move to Nakano Broadway.

  2. Agree with Pepino… but I cannot avoid to be mesmerized by the main idea of a “demonstration” in Japan…
    Japanese society always seems so lame to “demonstrate” what they care about… and then a group of social outcasts go and show their opinion!
    Do they change anything? probably no, but in comparison to their countrymen (even in disguise) they seem to have guts!

  3. I find this demo quite ironic. Akihabara was never about otaku in the first place and all those anime related shops just started showing up about 10 years ago changing it from an electronics district to a otaku area. If they want to preserve the true Akiba they should get outta there themselves!!

  4. LOL Darth Vader businessmen. Proof that, no, you have not seen everything. Based on my perspective of the photos, it would seem fitting that Haruhi leads the march.

  5. LMAO. wow. just wow. geeks demanding respect….well I’m sure the media had a field day w/ this! Seriously, did they reall think this would prove something??

  6. If this is going to be the face of Japan, then I guess Japan is doom. Seriously, personal indulgences and fetishes aren’t anything worthy of respect but in fact it will become major public concerns over the young falling to such pathetic habits like poor communication skills, lack of self-confidence, narrow-mindsets, inability to socialize around etc. In my opinion, I don’t see the need to take such personal fetishes or otakuism to extreme level as extremism always ruin an image of any movements. With animes these days full of fetishes elements like senseless violences, pedophile, necrophilia and homosexual which are virtually bane and not promoting values to the young, what these so-called otaku movement is no different than those islamists violent protest marches.

  7. Spotted a hidden stormtrooper. The old man holding the stick with a camera on it. If you zoom into the screen of that camera you will see danny choo posing for a photo ;p

  8. XP people see otakus to have bad communication skills… social inept and alot of other stuff… thing is otaku friends are the best ones to have. the friendship between otakus are awesome. If otakus are social outcast then how did someone organize this, get the people together … did he post something on the internet and hope that this LARGE number of people would just show up… i doubt it. and if this is japans tomorrow im glad. people who fight for what they believe for is a good thing in my opinion. people who stand by and let something they like be attacked are cowards and we dont need cowards in this world…

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