PC market shrinking in Japan

Read this article about how “keitai” (Japanese mobile phone) market is affecting personal computer market. Japan is going to be the first developed country in the world where the PC market shrinks. All major traditional personal computer makers such as Toshiba, Panasonic, Sony, Fujitsu, NEC… are now pretty focused on developing mobile devices.

Japanese kids create there first blog using a keitai, not a computer. They start chatting with their keitai, not with “MSN Messenger”. The second most visited web in Japan, Mixi.jp, has more visitors from keitais than from computers. In fact, Mixi.jp has more visitors from keitais only than Google Japan from computers. There are novelists who are writing full length novels with their keitai, and many people reads those books also with their mobile devices.

And here there is a capture from one of the last games for Docomo keitais.

Juego movil
Capture from Dannychoo’s post about Japanese keitai games

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  1. Most people don’t need a full fledged computer.

    But many of us don’t want our gadgets shaped by archaic phone carriers. “Talking on the phone” should have stayed in the 20th century, along with faxing.

    Please somebody separate the handheld computer market from phone carriers.

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