Kimono vs Miniskirt






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Girls look way cuter in Kimono’s/Yukata’s IMO. Has the whole Summer Festival, hanabi cuteness to it.

I like the Kimono. Mini-skirts make them look too “trashy” and the kimono is more “Japanese”.

From the world of my eyes, the difference between a kimono and a miniskirt is a difference between beautiful and sexy. Both serve a purpose in their apples and oranges way.

Kimono is very pretty, especially the blue one is beautiful, but for daily enjoyment I prefer the hot runny style of the black mini skirts which suggests strength

mini-skirt = modern fashinable clothing

kimono = traditional japanese clothing

both classic just simple it is! ^__^

Kimono for life. I do not care what they say but kimono makes a girl very attractive to me!

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