Solar islands

Kyocera is running, since last April, the largest floating solar power plant in the world in Kagoshima. It has 11,250 solar modules and it generates above 3,000 MWh per year in total. The installation is ready to withstand winds of more than 200km/h and also earthquakes and tsunamis. It seems having solar panels on the sea it is more efficient because the water acts as a natural cooler. Also, it helps the ecosystem (There is more algae below the power plant and fish are thriving).

It is a good business and Kyocera has started to build another solar island in Chiba that will be two times the size of the one in Kagoshima. It will have an installed capacity of 14W.

It doesn’t look very “natural” but I prefer a world filled with solar islands instead of oil platforms.




More info at Kyocera news.

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