Some random photos

Origin Bento
Origin Bento shop window. Origin Bento is the biggest bento chain store in Japan. Bento is food prepared in some kind of lunch box. At the beginning I used to like the bento thing but I kind of got tired of it. What is cool about Origin Bento is that you can also “design” your own bento inside the store, choosing what you want in each part of the container.

Man playing the sanshin in Okinawa
A man dressed with traditional clothes from Okinawa playing the sanshin, a Japanese traditional musical instrument that has only three strings.

Put on the helmet
In the construction site put on the helmet!

Dragon Ball Kai Nintendo DS video game
Advertisement for a Dragon Ball Kai Nintendo DS game.

Xmas illumination in Shibuya
Xmas illumination in Shibuya.

Feet ofuro
An ofuro only for feet. The water is hot and comes directly from under the ground.

Akihabara alley
A hidden alley in Akihabara.

Thin buildings
Several thin buildings in a row.

Tokyo dirty streets
Although streets are usually quite clean, there is also some inconsiderate dirty people around here.

Some kappa are the kawaii mascots of a sushi restaurant.

Parking lot in dowtown Tokyo
Parking lot in dowtown Tokyo. 200 yenes for 30 minutes during the day (approximately 1,5€ or 2$)

Love hotel entrance
Entrance to a love hotel.

Dragon ball Z 2
¿Dragon ball Z 2?

Meido kissa advertisement
Meido kissa advertisement

Old lever fountain
Another old lever fountain I came accross in Tokyo.

Bag in the train
Watch out! Don’t leave your bag outside the train!

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That ofuro is pretty cool. I’m surprised at how much free water there is that can just be pumped up out of the ground like that.

I’m curious about the maid poster. I wonder why Japan was spelled out like that, in hiragana, as the Western word for Japan.

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