Supernarrow House

Sometimes in Japan you can find ridiculously narrow houses and buildings. One of the reason of this strange phenomenon is that the laws to divide plots of land are not restrictive at all, so owners can end up having plots of land of 3×20 meters in downtown Tokyo or even 2×30 meters… I think that in many European countries there are laws that set up minimums to restrict the width of plots of land in cities. In this video on Japanese TV they show a house which is 1 meter and 70 centimeters wide and 14 meters long. Could you live in a house like that?

Via Japanprobe.

3 replies on “Supernarrow House”

LOLs… even though it’s way too tight, it’s impressive how they managed to put everything there.

I’d live there if it was a necessary step on my plans to move to Japan. xD

But that’s unfair… to achieve my plans I’d even accept living for a while in capsule hotels. 😛

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