Taco rice

“Taco rice” is one of my favorite Japanese food. It is a typical recipe from Okinawa. The main ingredients are white rice, lettuce, tomato and meet with taco sauce. Depending on the restaurant, it can also have cheese, egg, avocado, extra sauces and cucumber. My favorite version is the one with cheese and avocado.

“Taco rice” was “invented” in Okinawa in an area of restaurants that were near a United States military base. Those restaurants served tacos and other mexican and Texas style cuisine. But some Japanese chef had the idea of replacing the tacos tortilla with rice and “taco rice” was born. Nowadays you can find “taco rice” almost everywhere in Japan, there are tons of variations, some of them very “japanized” with sauce made with mirin, soy sauce and sake.

I’m sure that you can cook your own “taco rice” just by looking at this pictures:

tacorice taco rice food comida

tacorice taco rice food comida

7 replies on “Taco rice”

I thought, That is original Mexican food 😛
Okinawa made it, oh nice.
I like Mexican food also likes “Taco rice” .
Thnak you, Okinawa chef and thank you for giving pics, kirai(Héctor).

This is one of those times when a “rose by any other name”… does not apply. That there does not look like a taco. looks more like a salad.

Taco sauce? All you need is a bottle of Tapatio hot sauce!

Far from Mexican food. But I guess most of the Japanese restaurants in California don’t serve authentic Japanese food. There like a mix of Korean-Japanese-California fusion.

well ‘taco salads’ are fairly common as a variation of the taco… & ‘tacos’ as we know them are american takes on the native mexican foods… The original looks more like a burrito as we know it today, though sometimes it was served ‘open’ and so more like this or taco salad…

btw they can make taco ‘shells’ from rice, which actually doesn’t taste to bad…

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