Time to rule!

After I’ve seen lines of code… and Time to leave… it’s the turn for “Time to rule!”.

I met Danny Choo the first time one year an half a go. The first times I met him he was always trooping and we made some cool videos together. Danny left Microsoft and built his company called Mirai Inc. We started talking a lot about “strategy” and how we could conquer the world together. Danny Choo ended up offering me to join him and I accepted!

Danny Choo on the left and me on the right

Danny Choo on the right side and me on the left.

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13 replies on “Time to rule!”

I think you must be a great partner for work. And the same as Mirai Inc. looks better with you in it, you too look better in the project. You’re not the kind of guy who is an employee.

omedeto Kirai, I wish you the best of luck. Make sure you have your business meetings in the vader and stormtrooper costumes. πŸ˜€

That’s really cool that you guys work together. I guess I missed the post or something a while back… I’m really tempted to try walking around and dancing in a Star Wars costume in Dallas, Texas =D

woah, can it get any geekier?? you’re pretty cute but danny choo needs to keep his mask on! i’m kidding…

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