Time to leave…

The last entry finished with the adaptation of the famous words from Roy at Blade Runner, I used “Time to leave…” instead of the tragic “Time to die!” from the movie. I decided to leave Digital Garage, the company where I’ve been working during more than two years. I feel strange, because it’s my best moment here at Digital Garage, new projects, new responsibilities, it feels like my home because of the really nice people I’ve been working with… it’s like my second family.

During these years 80% of my work was coding for Technorati Japan.

Technorati Japan

Digital Garage had 300 employees when I started, now we are more than 1.000. What I like about Digital Garage is that being a holding with almost 30 companies I had the opportunity to work with other companies and projects inside the group:





Twitter Japan

Fon Japan


Linkedin Japan

Ping King

All those lines of code will be lost in time, like binary code in a corporation.

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