Triumph International

“Triumph International” is a Japanese lingerie company that seems to be very concerned about people’s problems. These are some of the most interesting lingerie “solutions” they have proposed untill now.

Designed to keep you warm in the cold winter so you don’t overuse the air conditioner. “Ecological solution”.

“Birth rate solution”.

This is the last version designed as an incentive for people to vote. “Vote participation solution”.

Vía Mainichi.

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I think nudity (think ‘the emperors new clothes’) would be a significantly better option to increase birthrate… Especially by those models…

Triuph is actually seated in southern Germany/ started out there like 100 years ago, but they have expanded all over the world.
(I used to live nearby their manufacturing facility)
But they have really boring garnment for the german market, nothing furry or silvery whatsoever

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